Timber / Wood

Union Metal and Petroleum Group Limited exports  the highest quality timber from Russia.

Softwood manufactured of such reputable species as RUSSIAN PINE is good known worldwide for its durability, workability and fine appearance. There are next products available:
  • Manufactured and graded in accordance to the Russian GOST 26002-83 and USA WWPA grading rules (boards and timbers)
  • Pallet stock
  • Flooring and Decking
  • Siding and Wall Planking
  • Window and Door Scantlings
  • Finger Joint & Solid Edge Glued Panels
  • LVL Laminated Veneer Lumber
  • Please provide detailed specifications, all of them will be considered.  Min. volume 30 m/3 (10 MBF)
There is only one specie of Pine commercially harvested in Russia, but this is the best in the world one. It is  RUSSIAN PINE or RUSSIAN RED PINE:
This Pine inhabits Western Europe as well and known there as Scots Pine, however fiber of Russian Pine is better due to the colder climatic conditions. Dry summers with short vegetative periods induce Russian pine to shade brunches in early stage of bowl development. Thus, lumber recovered of logs of this specie are less knotty. Moreover, wood grain of Russian Pine is fine, dense and has excellent appearance.
Russian Pine is a large coniferous tree standing up to 90-130 feet tall and with a bowl diameter (at the breast height) growing up to 30-50 inches.
RUSSIAN LARCH is the softwood species with properties of real hardwood. The summer wood of annual rings is wide as spring wood and it is what makes Larch strong and durable like Oak.
The remarkable properties of Larch wood has been known in Europe for centuries. The entire Italian city of Venice is propped by thousands of durable, naturally rot resilient piles. No doubt the European Larch is outstanding species, however we are offering even more superior Larch from Siberia. Its light yellow-reddish color makes rooms bright and shiny. Besides that Siberian Larch, and this is a scientific fact, possesses bactericide properties, which purify indoors environment.
The application is immense from building construction, indoor flooring and planking to outdoor siding, decking, scaffolding, garden furniture and railroad tie sleepers.
Whitewood lumber as RUSSIAN SPRUCE is most conservative and reliable approach in building construction.
There are next products available: 
  • Lumber manufactured and graded in accordance to the Russian GOST 26002-83 and USA WWPA grading rules (boards and timbers)
  • Pallet stock
  • Siding and Wall Planking
  • Finger Joint & Solid Edge Glued Panels
  • LVL Laminated Veneer Lumber
Please provide detailed specifications, all of them will be considered. Min. volume 30 m/3 (10 MBF).
Rough lumber of coniferous species.
Interpretation of Russian export grading rules in accordance to GOST 26002-83
1. Dimensions:
1.1 Sawn lumber is subdivided:
By thickness: Thin 16 - 22 mm
  Medium 25 - 44 mm
  Thick 50 - 100 mm
By width: Narrow 75 - 125 mm
  Wide 150 mm and wider
By length: Short  450 - 2400 mm
  Long  2700 - 6300 mm
1.2. Nominal thickness and width are guided by standard GOST 24454-80, where thickness of the lumber shall not exceed 100 mm.
1.3. Lengths of lumber are ranged:
- from 1500 mm and up with a step of 300 mm;
- from 450 mm up to 1350 mm with a step of 150 mm;
Lumber with length from 450 mm up to 1350 mm is manufactured by an order of State foreign trade organization.
1.4. Nominal dimensions of lumber are established for the wood of MC (moisture content) 20%. With MC of more or less than 20%, actual thickness and width of lumber shall be more or less than nominal dimensions in correlation with shrinkage value according to standard GOST 6782.1-75.
1.5. Limiting deviations from nominal dimensions of lumber shall not exceed in mm:
By length: + 25 - 12
By width: + 3 - 2
By thickness:    
less than 50 mm + 2 - 1
50 mm und up + 3 - 2
Volume of lumber with maximum admitted deviations shall not exceed 25% of total volume of lumber.
2. Technical Requirements
2.1. Lumber shall be manufactured in accordance to the requirements of the present technology standard for the wood of Pine, Spruce, Fir and Larch species.
2.2. Lumber is subdivided by quality of the wood and by its machining into 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 grades.
2.3. Lumber is arranged:
  • By dimensions
  • By species
  • By grades
  • U/S Unsorted (combining 1, 2, 3 grades together, the percentage correlation of which shall correspond to the natural recovery of lumber while sawing)
  • 4 grade separately
  • 5 grade separately
  • Up to 15% of Fir is admitted in a load of Spruce lumber
2.4. MC moisture content of lumber shall not exceed 22%. Variation of the moisture content is admitted by custom orders.
2.5. Antiseptic treatment of lumber is per standard GOST 10950-78.
2.6. Quality of the wood and manufacture of lumber shall correspond to the requirements specified in tables 1-3.